Accounting Assistant
Property Management
Suite 200, 407 - 8th Ave. SW
Calgary AB, Canada

Iris Matta is a dedicated professional with over a decade of experience in the dynamic field of supply chain management, spanning industries in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore. Her expertise is complemented by a bachelor's degree in computer science from the Philippines. Currently, she adeptly balances her studies and a part-time role as an Accounting Assistant at Barclay Street Real Estate, showcasing exceptional multitasking and time management skills.

With a passion for continuous learning, Iris is pursuing a Diploma in Business Administration at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). Her extensive industry experience across multiple Southeast Asian markets has equipped her with a profound understanding of supply chain logistics, procurement strategies, and operational efficiencies.

Iris is particularly passionate about accounting, constantly delving into its complexities to enhance her skill set. Known for her strong teamwork and problem-solving abilities, she excels in collaborative environments, fostering positive work dynamics. Her unique blend of technical acumen, extensive industry knowledge across international markets, and unwavering curiosity for learning positions her as a versatile and invaluable asset in any organizational setting.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Iris enjoys immersing herself in Alberta's natural beauty and cultural richness.