"We interviewed numerous commercial property managers and you surpassed all others with your Commercial Condominium knowledge and qualifications."
Denis Hrstic
Volume 4 Developments Inc.
"Your prompt attention, efficient and professional marketing of the space which resulted in several offers being presented to us, and diligent follow up to negotiate the terms to conclude the transaction was exemplary."
Kevin M. Pytyck
1088415 Alberta Ltd.
"Shirley has always maintained excellent accounting records and we have found her to be very honest and hard working. We strongly recommend Shirley Ganong if you are considering hiring a property administration as she had done and continues to do an excellent job for us."
Doug Kim
Sinil Holdings Ltd.
"We were very grateful of this as Shirley knows our properties very well and has done an incredible job for us."
Shelley McMurray
General Manager
Steinbock Development Corporation Ltd.
"I am happy to recommend Shirley and, with her in charge, I know that any landlord can be confident that his or her property is in good hands."
Donna L'Amarca
Glenmac Corporation Ltd.
"I really appreciate that you have been great at looking after our interests. you have always made sure that we were aware of any issues relating to any space that you showed us so that we could make an informed decision and not get involved in something that might have a negative impact on Print Audit."
Lynn Strocen
Office Manager
Print Audit
"Paul was instrumental in lending his expertise in marketing and negotiating on our behalf. Paul's hard work ethic was apparent and his enthusiasm to provide a high level of customer service was consistent."
Richard Donaldson
1025336 Alberta Ltd.
"Barclay Street has provided my business with excellent support in areas of real estate management and leasing advisory services. Their work has been extremely diligent on our commercial real estate."
Marc Staniloff
Chairman & CEO
Superior Lodging Corp.
"For over 8 years Shirley Ganong has provided our company with outstanding services in taking care of our commercial real estate properties in Calgary."
Ali Jomaa
Highwood Projects Inc.
"Dan's core insight of the marketplace, and knowledge of the 'character space' segment proved to be a great asset and I highly recommend Dan Harmsen to anyone in need on commercial space in Calgary."
Gavin Harrison
Industry Images