Finance & Budgeting

Our Property Management team has finance and accounting experts who are highly experienced to manage budget and financial reporting for all property types. 


When you are part of our property management portfolio, you will have a Building Administrator who is dedicated to making your real estate assets succeed. They will work closely with you to establish an asset management budget and individual building budgets that will help your properties run efficiently and maximize the building valuations. 

As a real estate brokerage, Barclay Street Real Estate Ltd. must at all times ensure its compliance with the Real Estate Act of Alberta and the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) so we take budgeting and financial responsibilities seriously.  We will ensure all of your budgets and finances adhere to all applicable financial and legal compliances.

Financial Reporting

Our reports show you your return on investment for your real estate portfolio so we ensure that we provide you with the most accurate financial picture and adhere to all legal and financial requirements. 

  • Monthly Updates & Reports - Our monthly property report address all variations in expenses and incomes, comments on significant operational issues, provides an update on the status of any current project, outlines new leases or lease renewals and summarizes activities for the month.
  • Year End Reconciliation Reports & Documentation - We prepare a year-end reconciliation report for operating costs and property taxes for you and all reconciliation letters are prepared and issued to each tenant in accordance with the requirements under their Lease Agreement.