"The biggest core value we have is teamwork. We are definitely team oriented in everything that we do at Barclay Street.”
Executive Vice President and General Manager
Property Management
Suite 200, 407 - 8th Ave. SW
Calgary AB, Canada

A native of Michigan and Minnesota, Theresa moved to Canada in September 2001 and has been in the Real Estate industry since 1993. Her experience is in office, retail, industrial, residential (condos, retirement homes and rentals) and property development which 8 years were spent in the USA and 18 years in Canada. She is skilled in Asset Management, lease negotiations, property management, acquisitions, dispositions and client services. She has market knowledge of Alberta and British Columbia. Her focus at Barclay Street is team building, client services, company growth and instituting process and procedures. Theresa was also a Director on the Canadian Federation of Apartments Association Board and a past Director and Vice-President of the Calgary Apartment Association (2006 through 2009), where she helped successfully lobby for no rent controls to be implemented in Alberta.
Alberta has boomed and busted many times and through the ups and downs, Barclay Street has been there every step of the way. As clients’ needs evolve, so does Barclay Street Real Estate. One of Theresa’s favorite quotes is “Anything can happen, Anything happens all the time.” The property management team keeps its finger on the pulse of the industry to ensure it’s giving the best possible service to create the most satisfied client base.